Akaka Falls, Big Island Hawaii

Here you will find all the sermons preached at Pu’uanahulu Baptist Church over the last few years in chronological order, including visiting speakers. You can search for sermons based on Preacher, Series, Topic and the books of the Bible.

So please, go forth and feast upon God’s Word as it was preached at the Little Red Church.

Fear of Freedom?

[audio m4a=""][/audio] Intro: Do you ever wonder why they make you power off your phone on the airplane during take off and landing?  Does it really interfere with the navigational…


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My Father was diagnosed with cancer. He was a lawyer and a Christian so he went to a pastor to get advice. He was told to do 3 things...
Worry is being overcome by excessive anxiety... how does Jesus say this can be overcome? Let's make 2019 a year to worry less.